Blog Post #1 - Introduction

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Here in this area we will always try to keep you up to date on the subject of survival.

In an increasingly uncertain world, our emerging catalog of knowledge should prepare you for possible extreme situations that you could find yourself in. Of course, we do NOT want such situations to ever happen for all of us, but we believe that it is better to be at least somewhat prepared for such situations.

The tips & tricks we have collected here only prepare you physically and mentally, because only those who are well prepared can find their way around seemingly hopeless situations and adapt to the circumstances.

Basic file for all situations:

In our opinion, the following three pillars are absolutely necessary for extreme situations.

  1. Sheer will to survive:

On the one hand, the will to survive naturally takes place physically. However, this is just one point you should keep in mind. Mental fitness is essential to ensure survival! Some turn to religion in extra situations, or think of loved ones. The most important thing, however, is that you NEVER lose sight of your goal.

  1. Knowledge:

The more we know, the easier it is to survive. This also reduces the potential fear. Find out what the infrastructure is like in your area, hospitals, food markets, farms, etc.

What are the road connections like, where is there usually a lot of traffic jams when you are traveling by car. What alternatives are there to be mobile?

  1. Equipment:

If you are preparing or want to prepare, it is always helpful to have a so-called "bug out bag" at home. So you are always quickly prepared for certain emergency situations. We will go into detail in a separate article about what belongs in such a bag/backpack/bag.

It is also important to prepare for the daily challenges. This usually works very well with a professionally well-assembled survival set, which can be a bit more expensive in some variants, but also saves lives.
Always have a knife, a compass and a radio or mobile phone with you. Please also pay attention to the applicable WEAPONS LAWS at the places where you are currently!! Really study this topic closely!

In conclusion, it is absolutely essential that you are mentally and physically able to protect yourself (and your loved ones) and keep them alive.